2017 Year Reflection

Reflection is a key part of growth. In the hustle and bustle of a busy life, it’s easy to jump from one task to the next. Taking time to reflect enables us to pick apart past decisions and refine future objectives.

As we near the end of 2017, I’m challenging myself as well as friends and family to share some of their highlights from the past year. The answers can be as short of as long as deemed appropriate. If you find yourself with a little extra time, challenge yourself to ask ‘why’ with each response.

This was started by my Jefe Morgan J. Lopes, and if you want to be part of this challenge, you can feel free to copy the original prompt he created here!

Favorite Person of 2017: Kamilah Kiser , she’s been with me on this rollercoaster from starting our own business, handling Women Who Code ATL social media, building the first women in tech student organization in our college, participating in hackathons and the best yet speaking at a conference together, but not just any conference but the 1st Annual WE RISE Women in Tech Conference hosted by Women Who Code ATL. We spoke in previous conferences in college but this one was different. We suffered the same hardships and reaped rewards at the same time from our hard work. Kamilah is also my best friend and someone who pushed me hard when I was ready to the throw in the towel. Thank you for every ounce of support you have given me!

Favorite Song of 2017: Fly by Elley Duhé. “You and I were meant to fly.”
Other than the fact most of her songs are dope, she has a great voice and love how she sort of raps in her songs. Press play below.

Favorite Movie of 2017: Logan Lucky Have you seen this yet? It like Oceans 11, well actually it’s the same director to be fair. I love movies that are set up like this and unpredictable, they are the best. Starring Channing Tatum but not as the handsome character he usually plays. You also need to hear Daniel Craig’s country accent. This makes segue to the new film coming out next year, Ocean’s 8. I can’t wait for the patriarchy to attack this and complain about the long list of incredible and talented thieves.

Favorite Brand of 2017: Polar Notion The company I work for. I love everything it stands for. From beginning an Apprenticeship Program to mentor and build junior developers, to working and building products for clients who love coming back to us to build more. Everybody I work with is a mentor to me. I appreciate the patience they have to teach me. Everyday we are learning new ways to becoming a better design and development team.
Check out their awesome website,
WARNING: it will blow your mind → http://polarnotion.com

Favorite Memory of 2017: Valentine’s Day My partner is not the type to surprise you with the usual marketing items used on this day: stuffed bears, chocolates, etc. He does it just to put a smile on my face. This year was different. We promised each other let’s not do anything because we technically shower each other with love and support regardless, but he tricked me. We were walking outside his place of work at the time towards our car but before we got to our car he led me into a Spa location. He got a deal last minute and I was surprised. If you know me I’m the hardest person to surprise. This is was a heartwarming memory I’ll always remember.

Favorite Experience or Trip of 2017: Going back to my hometown in New Jersey for my sister’s wedding There are couple great things that occurred on this trip but first it was my sister’s wedding. My first wedding where I attended the reception and ceremony. My son was the ring bearer. Also my son finally got to meet my sister’s father who raised me when I was very young. He got to meet so many family members for the first time. Another great thing occurred, my partner got to visit his father who had not seen almost 20 years. We had discovered new family members and it was a beautiful feeling.

Most Impactful Learning of 2017: Patience and Humbleness I knew that going into 2017 would be a challenging year for me. I had so many ups and downs but I also knew I would either succumb to my failures or learn from them. I decided to learn from them. Ever since I was young I have always been a rebel. I don’t conform and I despise the status quo and because of this I made poor decisions which caused me to pay the price for not thinking things through. I am so eager with everything that I overwhelm myself. Sometimes this can be a good thing, taking risks but sometimes it will backfire. I decided to take a lot off my shoulders and take things slowly after August. I took a break from almost everything I was involved with, volunteering at Women Who Code ATL and learning how build my business under an incubator. I plan to continue everything I put on hold in 2018.

I would love to see others join in on this challenge and reflect on 2017 before it’s over! Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

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Published 22 Dec 2017

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